Score A Program

Salam and selamat sejahtera to all parents and students.

We at 24hrs Ministore also provide online education program called Score A. Here are some FAQs about this excellent system.

What is Score A.
Score A Programme™ is a fully interactive and effective programme to help students Be Exam Ready And Score A’s™.

Why do students need Score A Programme™?
Score A Programme™ has been carefully designed to provide students with many features to help them prepare for their examinations. With Score A Programme™, students will be able to assess their level of understanding of all subjects or topics that they have been taught in school. Score A Programme™ also allows students unlimited practises to sharpen their examination skills, helps build their confidence, and encourages them to develop a Score-A attitude.

What are the levels and subjects covered by Score A Programme™?
Score A Programme™ covers all subjects taught in National schools from Year 1 to Form 3. Score A Programme™ also includes all subjects taught in the National Chinese School The content of Score A Programme™ is in line with the school syllabus and curriculum set by the Ministry of Education, and covers all major government examinations – UPSR & PMR.

Do my children still need Score A Programme™ although they are currently attending tuition classes?
Yes, because tuition is another form of Input Learning. In fact, Score A Programme™ will complement the tuition classes attended by your children.

Is Score A Programme™ affordable?
Yes. Score A Programme™ is easily affordable. Score A Programme™ is very cost effective, and is value for money based on the following features:

  1. Score A Programme™ is priced on a “per family” basis, regardless of the number of school-going children.
  2. Score A Programme™ allows each user unlimited eAssessment and eTrial Exam practise at no extra charge. It is in line with the concept of “Practise Makes perfect”.
  3. Score A Programme™ allows each user access to various school levels.

Feel free to to contact us to know more about this product. Don’t be late for your children’s future 😉

Ciri-Ciri Unik Score A Programme

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